Liquid Dyes, Pigment Dispersions, & Polymeric Colorants

Chromatech Incorporated is an international colorant company founded in 1986. Chromatech manufactures and supplies liquid dyes, pigment dispersions, and non-staining colorants. Our synthetic dyes and organic pigment dispersions are commonly used in soap and detergents, car wash soap, car care products, ponds, turf paint, water tracing, A/C leak detection, oil leak detection, water leak detection, antifreeze, coolant, metal-working fluid, de-icing material, fertilizer, treated seed, pesticide, latex, non-woven mate­rial, and lumber marking. We also offer food, drug, and cosmetic colorants for the US market.

Chromatech has a reputation for custom color formulation and compounding, stable products, excellent customer service, and knowledgeable sales staff. Contact us today at 1-800-545-5075 and request to speak with a technical sales representative who can help you determine which colorant is optimal for your product.

Advantages of Liquid Dyes

Chromatech is known for its liquid dyes. Liquid dyes have many advantages over powdered dyes, including:

  • Many liquid dyes are non-toxic.
  • Dust problems associated with powdered dyes are eliminated.
  • Liquid dyes are easy to use and handle.
  • Liquid dyes dissolve well in products and with better uniformity.
  • Dispensing can be easily automated.

ISO Certified for the Environment and Quality